HAYEJIN Blessing Of Sprout Calming Trial Kit (and mini-sized products).

Hypoallergenic 5 STEP Skincare Trial Kit for Intensive Calming Care with the Germination Power of Lotus and Sprouts

L 3600

5 mini-sized products into a Trial Kit!
From cleansing to moisturizing, Blessing of Sprout 5 STEP skincare trial kit

1.Bessing of Sprout Calming Cleanser 15 ml
Hypoallergenic cleansing gel that cleans impurities with micro bubbles containing natural germination power so as to treat skin brightening.

2.Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner 15 ml
Hypoallergenic radiance toner that can brighten dull skin. With the content of natural radiance capsules, this toner is able to brighten facial skin while also providing hydration to facial skin.

3.Brightens facial skin Hypoallergenic Vegan Eye Cream 5ml
With vegetable protein content that is safe and able to restore elasticity in the weak and sensitive eye area.

4.Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum 8ml
Silky textured serum, contains concentrated nutrients from sprouts for anti-wrinkle care and repairing dull skin.

5.Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream 10ml
Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream has a pudding-like texture that provides intense moisture and protects the skin barrier.



Main Ingredients
Lavender Oil
Centella Asiatica
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

Routine care:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Eye Cream
Eye Cream
Step 4
Step 5



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