Hayejin Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum (30ml)

Gentle silk serum with concentrated seed nutrients, provides anti-wrinkle protection and beautifies the skin.

L 3000

A hypoallergenic cleansing gel,which cleans impurities with micro bubbles containing natural sprouting power and cares the skin to be pure
Super mild hypoallergenic cleanser from nature! Use it every day! Microbubbles from nature gently cleanse sebum and impurities without irritation. Slight-acid cleanser protects the skin barrier of all skin types even after cleansing!

The most important and basic skin care for clean face
Protecting the skin and cleansing impurities at the same time. Moringa seeds completely clear impurities of the skin. Tightly stick to impurities to remove them easily from deep inside of pores to make skin clear and healthy.

Natural Hypoallergenic Korean Skincare Vitalizing Soothing Moisturizing Texture Improvement
HAYEJIN Blessing of Sprout Calming Cleanser is a hypoallergenic cleansing gel, which cleans impurities with microbubbles containing natural sprouting power and cares for the skin to be pure.


Main Ingredients
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract Skin protection
Witch Hazel


Step 1
Step 2
Blessing of Sprout Toner
Step 3
Blessing of Sprout Serum
Step 4
Hydrating Face Moisturizer
Step 5
UVA-UVB Protection
BB Cream



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