Hayejin Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream (50ml)

Firming cream contains the power of tenacious sprouts that restore skin’s resistance and richly moisturize it

L 3300

Nutrients of Nelumbo Nucifera (lotus seed) and botanical sprouts provide intense moisturizing
The pure energy of Nelumbo Nucifera Extract and natyral botanical sprouts are quickly absorbed for restored skin resilience.

Moisture care with resurrection plants of the desert control the cell moisture layer,delivering abundant moisture to dry skin
Ingredients extracted from wild resurrection plants od the desert control the cell moisture layer, delivering abundant moisture to dry skin.

Provide skin care with a nature-derivedskin barrier
Shea Butter,often referred to as a natural skin barrier,and Centella Asiatica Extract,a unique ingridient that restores health to damaged skin while boosting its natural resilience,work together to protect fatigued skin from external aggressors.


Main Ingredients
4 Sprout Extract
Centella Asiatica

How to use

After applying the serum,prepare a moderate amount and gently apply over the entire face and down to the neck to absorb.

Routine care:

Step 1
Step 2
Blessing of Sprout Toner
Step 3
Blessing of Sprout Serum
Step 4
Hydrating Face Moisturizer
Step 5
UV Protection
BB Cream



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