HAYEJIN Pale Green Pastel Eye Mask 60ea (90g)

Quick and efficient treatment for fatigued skin around eyes, mouth, forehead and neck. All skin types

L 3500

Soothing care of sensitive eye skin
Gentle and mild soothing care of sensitive skins around eyes,with Centella Asiatica Extract,Calamine and Allantoin,which are effective on skin calming.

High-enriched moisturizing essence and hydrogel sheet
Moisturizing and nourishing dry skins by super food complex,whic is super powerful moisturizer,and hydrogel sheet.

Vitalizing elascticity-lacked skins around eyes.
Borpirin Extract helps improve the elasticity of skin.


Melaleuca alternifolia, Tea tree
Camellia Sinensis
Rosa Centifolia Flower Water Skin refreshing
Licorice Root Water Improve uneven skin tone
Shea Butter Prevent skin dryness
Centella Asiatica
Curcuma longa (turmeric) root extract
Centella Asiatica

How to use:

  • After washing face, clear up the skin texture using toner.
  • Take out eye masks using the spatula and place them where you want.
  • Remove masks after 20-30 mins and gently pat remaining essence to absorb.
Step 1
24K Gold Snail
Revital Fluid
Step 2
Peeling Gel
Step 3
Eye Mask
Pale Green Pastel Eye Mask
Revital Essence



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