HAYEJIN RiceFila™ Oil Toner (150ml)

Rice Bran Brightening & Moisturizing Toner

L 2900

Moisture Coating with Rice Fila and Nature-origin Oils
RiceFila Toner fills moisture inside of the skin! Double Moisture Coating by forming a Moisture Layer with 8 Nature-origin Oils!

Hypoallergenic Safe Ingredients tonuse at ease
Hypoallergenic Rice Bran Toner,which is safe to use by carefully selected ingredients and rigorous tests.

The very best oil for sensitive skin
Amazing Change of Skin you can feel immediately.


Main Ingredients
Rice Bran Extract
Lavender Oil
Orange Peel Oil
Mexican Juniper Oil
Olive Oil

How to use

Shake the toner long enough before use to mix the oil layer with the moisture layer.
After washing the face, apply the cotton toner on the dry skin and gently bend to absorb it.


Routine care:

Step 1
RiceFila™ Cleansing Oil
Step 2
Cleansing Foam
RiceFila™ Cleansing Foam
Step 3
Rice Fila Oil Toner
Step 4
Moisturizing Cream
Step 5
Double Moisturizing
RiceFila™ Double Moisturizing Cream
Step 6
Sun Protection
BB Natural



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