Aqua Barrier Levelup Cream

Moisture emergency treatment

L 4700

Moisture filler
The three types of water, ‘birch sap,’ ‘witch hazel water,’ and ‘green tea water’ hold the moisture in the skin. Best for all skin types especially dry, irritated skin, it leaves skin hydrated, and comfortable. Also, two other functional ferment filtrates, ‘yeast ferment filtrate’ and ‘galactosidase filtrate,’ are absorbed into skin, making it lively and healthier.
24-hour moisturization
‘It contains ‘Ceramide’ that represents 50% of the cell components boosts and locks in moisture for a dewy a youthful. The other element ‘Amino acid Complex’ makes the dead skin cells less visible, providing smooth and clear skin.
Low-irritation formula
It makes your skin radiant with no irritants such as with no fragrance, coloring, alcohol, parabens, and benzophenone.
Deliver abundant moisture
A unique nurturing complex infuses moisture back into skin while ‘Argania spinosa kernel oil’ and ’emu oil’ deliver moisture deep into the skin.


Main Ingredients
Witch Hazel Water Soothing & Skin pore control
Camellia Sinensis
Betula Alba Juice Moisturizing
Argan Oil Skin damage prevention
Emu Oil Prevent skin dryness
How to use:
Step 1
Skin elasticity
Hydro Softener
Step 2
Step 3
Moisture supply
Lotus Essence Mist
Step 4
Nutrition supply
Levelup Cream



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